Heguru Method: First Lesson


Why Heguru? I believed that right brain training allowing children to be more receptive to learning. However, I also feel that they should learn in a supportive and fun environment which I felt that Heguru Method’s classes offer such conducive environment for learning through play. Another reason why I decided to attend a structured class as opposed to home learning is due to the character of my child. He is active and would prefer to play, less likely to sit still with me giving him a run down of the flashcards.  Other factors for my choice included the proximity of the centre (fortunately or unfortunately I do not own a car), having an assistant teacher to speed up the class activities,  helpful staff.

J went for his first class at Heguru last week. I must say I was more excited and anticipative than J. He was a little scared when he walked into the centre, but his fears were soon overcame when the lesson proper started.  The teachers were friendly and managed to get J’s attention we’ll throughout the lesson.  The speed at which the classes were conducted did startled me at first, but I got used to it as the lesson progressed.

I could barely remember the activities that we had gone through. To name a few in my own terms, these included linking memory through story, peg memory using numbers and story (which I am supposed to practice at home), flashcards, selected elements in the *gasp* periodic table, country flags, geography, places of interest, puzzles, mandala, pretend/imagination, ESP, abacas, math dots, parts of the head, etc. I don’t get the ESP thingy where the children were asked to guess the hidden picture or item, but it was fun nevertheless. J didn’t manage to get it right all the time though.

Parents ended up doing most of the activities particularly the memory games – those were rather stressful! I think my memory will improve over time.

There was also a mini golf exercise session toward the end of the class where each child got to swing the golf club once, a fun break from the intensive class. There was also music and songs incorporated during the session which J obviously enjoyed.

In my opinion, the most helpful part of the session was the parents education, which occurred during the last 10 mins while the children remained outside the room with toys and minders entertaining them. A real blast, I must say!

I would have to start practicing the mandala and peg memory, as well as fractions before the next class… I’m not sure if I can actually get J to sit obediently and do the activities, because at 19 months old, his attention span is still short. I will try anyway!

For my little guy, J!


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