Glue and Paint

Children supposedly love art and crafts, or so J’s preschool form teacher thought, until she met J.

On two separate occasions, I was advised to practice art and craft at home because J refused to touch the transparent glue and the glue stick. Nothing the teachers did could entice him to work on his crafting.  He also refused to touch the paint brush. I was surprised by the feedback, as I do not have a problem with him touching glue or painting at home.

Where glue is concerned, he did not use glue as what it is supposed to be used for – pasting pieces of paper, rather, he preferred to play with capping and uncapping the cap.  As for painting, he was able to do a decent piece of abstract painting usiNg the brush or his hands.  That said, he could be a little worried about getting his hands dirty, but he participated in the activity nonetheless.


I do not really know the reason for his resistance in school. It might be that J is simply slow to warm up.  In any case, to help him ease into the school activities, I guess I need to devote more time working on his crafting.  This is so ironical as I love crafting. Crossing my fingers and hoping the anti-glue use is just a passing phase.

Here’s sharing another photo of J getting his hand painted. I did a sun on one hand and a star on the other, and we sang a song with actions using both hands. He was super duper delighted and wanted to sing the song over and over.

Body painting is something I will try again to help J get used to the “mess” and lessen his anxiety in school.


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