Nursery Rhymes Lacing Cards


For the longest time, I have been looking around for suitable lacing cards or wooden toys to help with J’s hand and eye coordination. I was tempted to buy those from Melissa and Doug, but hesitated because they take up a relatively large amount of space due to the wooden toys’ bulkiness.

I chanced upon this set of nursery rhymes lacing cards and was delighted that it contained 5 durable cardstocks printed with lovely nursery rhyme characters, and complete with the rhyme itself on each card. How cute is that! This not only serve as a fun game of lacing, it also lets me talk about the story related to the nursery rhymes to J. There are a total of 5 cards with the following nursery rhymes:

  • Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • Pat-a-cake
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Incy Wincy Spider
  • This Little Piggy

While all 5 were familiar rhymes to J, the words on the cards would let him have a better idea of the actual words. The brightly coloured laces are also a hit with J, as he has always been fascinated with strings and yarns.


J spent close to 30 minutes engaged in play and was only disrupted by me as he had pooped and I needed to drag him to the bathroom.  I foresee much more mileage coming from the lacing cards as we can come up with different games.

Although the recommended age for use is 3+ years old, J is able to perform the lacing activity with some help, like me holding onto the card while he pushes the lace in and guiding him to pull the lace out. At 20 months, J would have been frustrated if he were to play with this without any help. This is also a great opportunity for bonding. Just make sure that the laces are kept away from curious hands when not in use as they may be a potential hazard without parental guidance.

This lovely set costs SGD$13.80 from the Times Bookshop.

[Note: The above views are strictly personal and is not an advertisement for the product.]


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