Botanic Gardens: Cafe & Play

My friends and I checked out Food for Thought at the Botanic Gardens with J in tow.  I was a little overwhelmed by the crowd on a Sunday afternoon, though the lunch time crowd eventually dwindled, leaving the cafe a little less noisy.

J was in his best behaviour, sitting/standing quietly on the bench. I liked it that the tables were arranged in school canteen style, and those tables were big enough to place my bag pack and kiddy essentials like water bottle, wipes and a toy.

Food was alright, not too fantastic but okay.  I didn’t like the passion fruit lychee soda though, as it tasted syrupy. J was satisfied with 2 small packets of full cream milk, and a few bites of the fries.

J had been very attracted to the playground outside the cafe, and had been stealing peeks at the children playing. Finally, after having his fill and could no longer resist himself, he begged me to bring him to the playground. My friend obliging agreed to bring him out and J was more than happy to be whisked off and even said bye to me. So much for separation anxiety – it’s situational based!


J managed quite well throughout the walk from south of the gardens to the north, where the Bella Jacobs Children’s Garden is situated. Everyone was keen to go as entry is only allowed if we have a child in company.  J was quite happy to trudge along and occasionally wanting to be carried. It was a decent, enjoyable walk, and the weather was just right.

We kind of just touch-and-go strolling through the children’s garden – there was a water play area but it was closed for maintenance, fortunately for me as J would definitely go wild seeing water. There was a treehouse with two slides, which looked pretty scary to me. My most obliging friend R climbed up the treehouse with J and slid down together and were all smiles coming through the covered tunnel slide. J was so excited, I let him had another go.

I love nature and the facilities at the Botanical Gardens have improved over the years, becoming more kid-friendly.  I would like to take J there again during a weekday when it is less crowded. And not forgetting to apply insect repellent too – me and J ended up getting two mozzie bites as souvenirs.

And thanks to my wonderful friends who were ever so kind and patient with us.




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