Home Practice with Heguru Activities

As much as possible, I try to play with J on the following activities in the course of the week:

  • Fractions;
  • Peg Memory;
  • ESP games (guessing game)
  • Mandela (identifying colours, which J is still unable to do so on his own);
  • Electronic flashcards, if he is receptive to it. (He doesn’t sit tight if I use physical flashcards);
  • Deep breathing exercises

How does one juggles work with having to include some home practice?  What if the child is not receptive to the activities? Sometimes I wonder if the activities are too advanced for J… it certainly makes me feel discouraged and disappointed when he doesn’t show interest.

Of the “games”, he likes ESP and the peg memory cards. J could remember the 10 cards when I tried to tell the linking story, he could identify the pictures in the correct sequence. Hi five! I’m amazed by a child’s memory power and if only I could have more time and patience to help tap into the potentials of right brain training.


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