Fractions Learning Game


One of the activities in Heguru class was learning about fractions. I thought it would be fun for J to play with the fraction pieces since he loves circles and the anticipation of putting the fraction parts to make a whole circle would be fun yet educational game.

In the first and second Heguru classes, he was introduced to one-fifth using rectangular pieces. During home practice, I only took out the one-fifth pieces for him to play with. This set that I bough from Qoo10 comes with pre-printed cards showing various denominators, which the child can use as a guide to place the correct pieces onto the cards. Right now, J is still trying to perfect his hand-eye coordination and he couldn’t really put the pieces side-by-side as what older children could do. What I did was to help him push the pieces together to form the big circle.

He seemed to be receptive to the home practice, although the “pie” did not capture his attention for very long. After forming the circle, he was more interested in throwing the pieces around. Hence my suggestion not to give a young toddler all the pieces in the set, otherwise, they might end up in obscure places all around the house.


Overall, I’m quite happy with the learning set as it can be used for a long time to come. I’m not expecting J to actually know about mathematical calculations, it is merely to expose him to parts versus whole. Not to mention it is a form of sensory play as well to be able to hold the pieces and put them together.



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