Heguru Activity: Iroita

One of the activities that J did in the Heguru classes was the iroita. It’s similar to the tangram except that the shapes are simpler, e.g, circle, semi-circle, rectangle,  square.  I contemplated between getting the  tangram or the iroita, and eventually decided to get the iroita.

J is still working on his fine motor skills, so I figured simpler Shapes would be easier for him. The plus point about the iroita set is that it comes with a magnetic board so that I would not lose the pieces.

I keep the worksheets from the classes to let J play with it at home.  he doesn’t display much excitement over this activity, so I would quickly get him to put the shapes by guiding him and helping him along, and then keep the iroita so that he would not get bored.

This may be more fun for older kids when they have better hand and eye coordination. We shall see how it goes when he gets older.



  1. hi there! we’re curious about the Heguru lessons. How long has J been on it now? Do u think they are helpful? Lost and confused mum here. LOL. Thanks in advance!

    • Dear Hooter,
      J has been in Heguru for almost 1.5 years. I will borrow books to further his interest or discuss the topic whenever he shows interest in any of the wide ranging topics covered in class. Don’t really expect him to remember or be able to understand, it is more of inputting info to him. I feel as long as he enjoys and looks forward to classes, recalls some of the activities done, loves his teachers, it is something beneficial. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the speedy advice, Joy! Guess we’ll need to understand abit more on the teachings and she can enjoy the lessons and socialize with friends too. Have a good week!


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