After being a grown up for so long, I forgotten how fun it was to fly a kite and simply run free in the field.

Naturally, little J was very excited when we told him that uncle K and I will bring him out to West Coast Park to fly a kite. Though I was fearful that the sun would give me more freckles, I couldn’t bear to turn him down even though I was feeling lazy.

So heck with my freckles! I didn’t regret letting him have fun in the wide open field in the middle of the park, where we shared the space with other kite enthusiasts, teens playing soccer and frisbees. The weather was wonderful too, not too warm with the occasional breeze that helped our kite made the initial soar.

I also tried reciting some of the poems and verses that we previously read, about kites, wind, could etc, which helped J relate to them as we experience the outdoors and the beautiful nature.

West Coast park is a lovely place for the whole family, and I think we are going to do this again, when weather and time permits.


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