iPad Poison


No, it is not just me. I swear every other table at the cafe had at least a tablet or smartphone entertaining their kiddos.

It makes me wonder how kids of my generation survived without all these tech gadgets. Wasn’t life so much simpler and… Blissful…

I simply dread the end of a meal when I had to use brutality force to grab that nasty, noisy piece of light-emitting metal out of the kid’s hands.

Major sigh. With smarter kids who out talks their parents nowadays, we poor moms and dads need respite, albeit a breather. We really have no choice (ok, this is really a convenient excuse).

I tried to encourage the little bub to eat on his own, which is usually sustainable for… 5 minutes… Then the mounting tension and screaming and struggle would lead to the ultimate rise of the necessary evil. Sudden peace reigns.

The calm before the storm, that is.


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