Goody Bags


My little boy’s gonna be 3 soon! It was a last minute decision to have a celebration in J’s preschool because I thought I was 90% sure about skipping it and having a mini one at home instead.

Then my colleagues reacted to the idea with absolute horror. They felt my kid might be upset if everyone else had a birthday thingy going on. So I was swayed and quickly called the teacher to get permission.

It hit on me that there are much to do – the cake, goody bags and drinks. The funny trend about birthdays nowadays is that other children gets a gift as well on top of the regular cake. Planning for that can be head-splitting.

Back in my mind, if I can’t afford such extravagance, I certainly would not do it. Sometimes I wonder if we, as parents, teach the kids to know what is luxury and what is prudence; and that not everyone can afford the same. When J is older, I have to instill some sense and sensibility in him as I don’t wish him to grow up without a care for others. This I have to remind myself and do it consciously.

Anyway, back to the topic. To prepare for Friday’s school celebration, the two of us (or 3 for that matter – we roped in granny to do cutting) packed goody bags for his classmates, made thank you tags, and I got J to help with the pasting.

He was distracted after a while as it was bedtime and he was more interested in jumping on the bed (like a monkey as you can imagine).

I had been mulling over what to get for the kids and decided to get story books instead of the usual stationery and party items that we have last year. Books can go a long way and be shared. I forgot to take a photo of them before I packed.

The tags are easy to do, just print out the wordings, get the kid to paste a sticker for decor, use construction paper to add a pop of color as a frame , and there you have it, a gift label. I had J tell me the names of his classmates so that I can write them on the tags. It was fun to do. (I had a list to refer to just in case we missed out anyone).

Happy with the results and all these within an hour.


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