LV Turenne MM vs Palermo Monogram Handbag

Happy Chinese New Year!

I’m pleased to present the one and only bag I got in Dec 2014. Yes, you heard it right – for a bag fanatic, I did not succumb to numerous temptations, just this one exception. I’m not sure for 2015 though, as I’m already eyeing something for a loooong time.

Back to this lovely Turenne MM. A lot of people were comparing the Turenne with Palermo (incidentally I do have the Palermo), preferring one over the other. I like both designs as they give a different vibe. I like Turenne for it’s light weight and curvy lines, while Palermo gives a more business-like took to my outfits.

Like the Palermo, Turenne MMcones with a shoulder strap, which is great for hands free moments especially if you are grabbing grappling with an excitable 3-year-old trying to get loose.

Turenne is very spacious, and does not look overalls bulky on my 1.6m frame.


Here is the Palermo for comparison.



Which would you prefer?


One comment

  1. Hie there love both bags! Think the Palermo looks a little bit more gorgeous and classy….mayb it’s the pleats??….hahhaah..

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