On a typical day, there will be shouting, whining, struggles to go through dinner and bedtime routine. 

Today is NOT a typical day. 

I ended up working late and by the time I got into a cab to go home, it was already 7.30pm. So I called home to check on J. He told me calmly that he was watching TV with Nana, and he had showered (surprise), as well as finished his dinner (bonus surprise!). He even said he pooped in the school toilet today (ultimate surprise). 

I was wowed. I praised him for doing well and hang up. When I got home, all was calm and he even practiced the piano, albeit just one tune. We did the Heguru worksheets, he showed me the drawings he did earlier in the day. He did not whine when I said I only had energy to read two books today, and after reading,drank his milk. He even took his own initiative to brush his teeth on his own (jaw dropping). 

We hopped into bed, fool around for a bit, and he gave me the cutest wide eyed innocent look and told me that he loves me. How I wish I could film that beautiful moment. And how I wish everyday could be like today. 

Best. Day. Ever.



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