Craft Time

We popped by National Gallery on a whim, partly to escape from the scorching heat. After  going through one gallery, kiddo got bored and wanted to go to the kids art area.

We chanced upon a craft session on making bracelets (for 7 year olds and up) but that didn’t hindered us from participating.

 J did well with help from staff and I, and here is the final product,  complete with a handmade paper box! How sweet is that!

After completing the bracelet, we caught a free performance within the gallery. J was really interested and tried keeping his eyes opened, but he was too exhausted and fell asleep. Well, can’t blame him as he had an activity-packed morning. 

Poor boy slept for half an hour before waking while I was struggling to carry him to the train station. At least he was somewhat refreshed and tantrum-free. 

If only I could have enough energy every week to bring him to different places to learn and enjoy himself. These days, being able to rest is like a luxury. 


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