Seoul Day 1

From airport to Insadong. Took airport limousine 6005 from terminal 5B at 9.45am. Cost us about SGD$17 one way, which stopped right in front of our hotel, Aventree Jongno Hotel.

Lunch at bimbibap restaurant and I had a chicken porridge with oriental herbs (which was actually ginseng). It was yummy and J had some as well. 

As it was too hot to walk around under the noon sun, we went back to the hotel to chill, eating red bean snow while we waited for room to be ready. 

The red bean was a tad too sweet for my liking but otherwise good. 

Evening was so much cooler, and we took bus 162 from the Hotel to Myeong-dong in the heart of downtown Seoul for some serious cosmetic shopping. It is was fun mucking street food and people watch – there were loads of human traffic. 

Took a flight of steps up to Myeon-dong Cathedral, a Catholic Church. According to the tourist information, Myeong-dong was the place where the first a Catholic community was formed in 1784.

There was evening Mass when we entered for a peep. We got really hungry and tried to find a chicken and beer place but the food wasn’t fantastic. 

Went for more shopping after dinner before lugging our loot back to the hotel. Ands the final shoot of day 1’s shopping, combined with my friend. 

Socks for gifts, Tony Moly masks, sunblock, pore pack; Skin Food black sugar scrub, BB cushions. There were also free samples which included a full sized Tony Moly cleanser. So happy with the purchases! 


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