Seoul Day 2

Had breakfast at Tree Oreum cafe at the hotel while waiting for our two more friends to join us. The toast was surprisingly good.

The main road next to the hotel. Decided to explore Insa-dong area after breakfast while the guys freshen up. 

Check out the cute giant figurine outside the convenience store. There are convenience stores almost every corner of the street. Or is it just Insa-dong. 

More photos of the area.


We had lunch at a Korean eating house. It was all traditional and relaxing. I was too hungry to take the food photos, only managed to take the starter dishes. Lunch was fantastic and most satisfying.  

The highlight of the day was Bukchon, where we explored the Hanok Traditional Village on the upper side of Bukchon, while the modern buildings nestled below. The village is an actual residential area, and tourists were encouraged to be respectful and keep noises to a minimal. 

In the evening we checked out the Cheonggyecheon Stream which ran across parts of the downtown. As it was nighttime, I did not risk dipping my feet in for I couldn’t really see the condition of the water and it was too chilly anyway. 


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