Seoul Day 3

Woke at 8am as we were tired out.

Had breakfast at a cafe opposite the hotel before making a trip down to Lotte World. We only took kiddy rides. It was such a pity that I couldn’t take the thrilling rides as they looked so much fun and exciting.

The show at Lotte World was quite good I must say. Kiddo was very much entertained and finished his hotdog bun while watching the performance.

Lotte a Department Store was closed, much to my disappointment. Shopped at Lotte Mart, The Fcae Shop and Innisfree, got more samples! 
I think we had several kilograms of stuff and got tired of lugging them around. Waited for the guys to finish their rides and had a super yums dinner at Natural Soul Kitchen in the upscale Lotte World Mall. Both the ambience and food was good. 

Couldn’t make it to Olympic park so took a cab back. The highlight for the day – scoops at Lotte Mart and more cosmetics and skincare!

Time to hit the sack!


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