Seoul Day 4

Rainy day on the 4th day and I LOVED it! It was chilly but a refreshing change from the terribly hot weather. Had fun splashing in rain puddles, taking in sights of Insadong and searching for Nami Island Embassy to buy our bus tickets. 

We were lucky to get tickets in advance for the day trip. The day continued to remain cool and windy as we traveled to the National Museum and Hangeul Museum. Only managed to check out the kiddy section and kiddo had his fun. What I liked most was the tranquility of the place and the big open spaces. Kiddo spent his time outdoors running around. 

Following the museum, we checked out the Dongdaemun Design Centre. My friends went for a walk around while I rest at a cafe waiting for the boy to finish his afternoon nap. 

Dinner comprised of spicy fishcake, pancake and dumplings from street stalls before we headed back to the hotel.

Not much shopping was done as the boy was grumpy, so I had to contend with just grabbing the stuff for friends and gifts for the office. Looking forward to Nami Island the next day!


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