Beauty Product Review: CNP Laboratory Vita-Silution Ampoule 

I’m crazy about whitening products because of my freckles. While I’m quite fair, those freckles are the bane of my life. Some people think it’s cute to have freckles, but oh man, not in Asian society where pigmentation is generally not the coolest thing to have. 

Anyway, I super do not like my freckles, it’s just me. Having finished one whitening serum, I’m on my second bottle. I think they do work to some extent, though the serum did not eliminate freckles – no amount of cream will anyway except laser treatment, Theresa’s some lightening effect. This is good enough as I can further cover them up with foundation and concealer. 

So back the CNP Laboratory. This is a Korean brand I think and I got this from my last trip to Korea. A little drop goes a long way and it is not greasy at all. Somehow I also find the ampoule to be moisturizing, which is a plus point. 

I also like the fuss free packaging and look of CNP, a little like products sold in clinics while the frosted glass gives a lovely touch.

Overall I would say yes to this given that the serum does not dry out the skin and helps prime the skin too for the moisturizer. As I said, a little goes a long way so I spread over the entire face.

Would I buy it again? Yes, provided I don’t find a new product to try. Oh, that’s me, always on the lookout for new beauty products. I do use some regular ones over the years, so I’m not that unloyal hahaha.

Perhaps I will share my evergreen favorites soon, once I get my dresser and makeup bag organized.

Till then, have a wonderful week ahead!


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