Taking in the Perth air, winter to spring chill, and with lil J for company. Gonna miss the bliss when it’s time to get back home. 

The following was my itinerary:

Day 1: Perth city

Day 2: Rottnest Island

Day 3: Swan Valley

Day 4: Fremantle

Day 5: Whiteman Park

Day 6: Kings Park & Waterown

Day 7: Perth Zoo & Elizabeth Quay

Day 8: Farmer’s Market at Perth City Farm & Cottlesloe Beach

I’ll share some of the photos of the key places that I had visited. Although we did not drive, it was still possible to visit Perh and some of its suburbs as there was a good public transport network. If all else fails, just get a taxi or Uber, where the latter would be a lot cheaper.

The must go place was Rottnest Island. The island was almost magical, especially at the coastal areas.  I took the Grand Island Tour which basically zipped is through the main sights and must-see places on the island. Didn’t even get to touch the sea. I wanna go back again some day and perhaps just spend a night on the island so that I can explore the beautiful shorelines. 

Sights of the city. There were a number of historical buildings and art sculptures all around the city. The CBD streets were arranged in a grid so it was relatively easy to find our way around.

Lovely historic port town of Fremantle. It was very very charming and J enjoyed his time at Bathers Beach, the Esplanade playground and taking a ride on the Ferris wheel. 

Kings Park was beautiful and we took a long walk fromIvey Watson playground to the Botanic Gardens. It was way to big to finish in half a day and way too tiring to walk that much. If I could, I would return to finish the rest of the beautiful park.

Whiteman Park was not very accessible and it took us more than an hour to get there by buses. There was only one service 345 from Morley Busport that ran to and fro the park on weekdays so it was best to time the visit in order to catch the bus. It was worth the long journey for the quaint little park was like in a fairytale setting.

Cottlesloe beach, quiet and pristine on a weekday morning. It is very accessible by train and a straight walk down to the beach that takes about 15-20 min. Very easy to find. 

Hope this post will encourage travelers who don’t drive like me. It did take me a long time to tease arch and make sure I get the connections correct so that there is less chance of getting lost since I have a young kid with me. Take an umbrella stroller if possible as don’t expect little ones to be walking for the entire day. Also arm yourself with raincoats for unexpected weather. Include playgrounds in the itinerary – that’s probably the highlight for the kids. 

I often have difficulty searching for travel blogs of travelers who do not drive but who still prefer to take free and easy trips, especially those mums who travel alone with young children. While there are places that would be impossible to reach without a car, my take is that it should not deter non-drivers from researching and finding other interesting spots that are accessible by public transportation or hired transport that would not burn your pockets. 

Travelers like me may have to take more time to go from one place to another, but think of it as being able to take in sights at a leisurely pace. It’s kinda good for the soul actually.  


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