Just Herbs Foot Cream

A couple of weeks ago my heels cracked badly from the effects of a peeling mask I tried. The usual body moisturizer didn’t work, so I sourced around for a healing foot balm and came across this little tub of cream from Just Herbs, manufactured in India.

The key ingredients include calendula extract, nutmeg extract, peppermint oil, Indian frankincense extract, fenugreek extract, liquorice and zinc oxide. It purportedly claims that it does not contain parabens or mineral oil and certified organic. Sounds like a good deal packed in that small little tub.

The smell is rather herbal, probably due to the frankincense. I have been using it for 2 weeks to fill in the areas with cracks.  Coupled with filing the dead skin away, my feet appeared much smoother and are healing nicely now. 

Do get a proper foot cream if you need to treat crack heels, else there’ll be a lot of pain and unsightly broken skin to deal with. And do be careful with those peeling foot masks as the chemicals could be rather potent; and a real lesson for me, never peel the skin as I could have worsen the condition. 



  1. could have done with some of this after my hiking trip last year. My feet were wrecked afterwards! I just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you would have time to have a look? Today’s poem is about weary feet! 🙂

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