What’s in my Celine Trapeze?

My latest love! Love my drummed leather Trapeze in midnight. It’s actually a dark blue shade but looks almost black at times. 

The good part about the Trapeze is the zip which protects my stuff from spilling out. Some ladies may find that it could be a hassle to take the stuff from the bag while on the go, but personally I have no issues with it. In fact I find the Trapeze easier and more secure to use that the Celine Belt, where my things tend to slide forward even more.

Above is a photo of all the contents of the bag for daily use, including an umbrella at the bottom which is hidden from view. Also missing is my mobile phone which I am using for taking this photo. I like that the Trapeze is really roomy and not heavy for a leather bag.

And these are all my daily essentials:

1. iPad mini
2. Chanel wallet
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs key pouch
4. Baggu zipper pouch (containing tissues & moxie patches)
5. LV small pouch
6. Umbrella
7. Dior lip balm
8. Sunscreen
9. Kate Spade coin pouch
10.History of Whoo compact powder
11.Pouch from Bali
12-14. Nature Republic color stick; Chanel concealer; L’0ccitane hand cream

I find that pouches are a great way to organize loose items in the bag; otherwise, I’ll probably gone crazy trying to find the odd lipbalm hiding amongst the other items.

Hope you do have a great strategy for organizing your handbag! 


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